Comments on Recent Bard Editorial in C&EN

university money graphicOn October 11, Chemical & Engineering News (C&EN) published a CEC Director Allen J. Bard's guest editorial entitled “It’s Not the Money, Stupid!”. In the editorial, Bard considers the influence of money and the creation of intellectual property on the culture of academic research in chemistry.

A number of letters, both pro and con, were sent to C&EN in response to the editorial. In today's issue of C&EN the editorial was reprinted as part of a Point/Counterpoint format that features three unsolicited guest editorials from prominent chemists. Two of the editorials, one jointly by University of Utah chemistry professors Glenn D. Prestwich and Charles A. Wight and one by University of Texas chemical engineering professor and CEC faculty member Adam Heller, offer differing views. Another, by University of Wisconsin chemistry professor Howard E. Zimmerman, support and expands on Bard’s view. The article concludes with a final comment from Bard.

reference: C&EN, December 13, 2010, Volume 88, Number 50, pp. 26 - 29