Meyers to Present Short Course on Grid Scale Energy Storage

Power lines and sunOn October 10, 2010, during the fall meeting of the Electrochemical Society in Las Vegas, Professor Jeremy Meyers will present a short course on grid-scale energy storage. This course is intended for chemists, physicists, materials scientists, and engineers to better understand the specific requirements for energy storage on the electric grid.

The course will introduce students to the concepts associated with the "smart grid" and the demands that intermittent renewable power sources place on the grid from the perspective of distribution. We will then examine some of the key technologies under consideration for energy storage and the technical targets and challenges that must be addressed. Students will be brought up to date with the current state of the art, and review data from demonstration systems, experimental data from prototype designs, and some modeling and analysis. The following areas will be covered in this short course:

    * introduction to the electric grid and renewable power sources;
    * current role of energy storage on the grid;
    * location and deployment of energy storage on the "smart grid";
    * existing technologies for energy storage on the grid;
    * adaptation of secondary batteries for grid-based storage applications;
    * redox flow batteries;
    * high-temperature batteries for energy storage;
    * novel battery concepts;
    * materials and engineering challenges for grid storage; and
    * diagnostics and characterization techniques.

For more information please visit The Electochemical Society website.