First Annual Workshop on Electrochemistry

First Annual Workshop on Electrochemistry
Challenges at the Electrode/Electrolyte Interface
University of Texas at Austin
AT&T Executive Education and Conference Center
February 7-10, 2009

There were over 125 registered attendees for this conference, which brought together experts in the field of interfacial electrochemistry from academia, industry, and national laboratories. The workshop format allowed for interactive exchange with each of the twelve speakers, with the goal of obtaining improved understanding of the chemistry, structure, and reaction mechanisms at the electrode/electrolyte interface in electrochemical energy systems. Of particular interest were interfaces in technologically important materials such as oxides on supported platinum catalysts and the SEI layer on lithium-ion battery electrodes. In addition to these presentations, the meeting featured a poster session in which students and postdocs from three different Texas universities presented 36 posters and answered questions from attendees in an informal evening session.

Austin mayor pro tem Brewster McCracken was the guest speaker at the conference dinner and described the city’s Pecan Street Project to “reinvent the electric grid” by allowing access to renewable energy technologies.

Peter Strasser, University of Houston
Catalysis and Corrosion of Bimetallic Nanoparticle Catalysts
Wayne Goodman, Texas A&M University
The Composition and Properties of Alloy Surfaces: From Extended Surfaces to Nanoparticles
Doron Aurbach, Bar-Ilan University
Advances in R&D of Rechargeable Battery Systems: Anodes, Cathodes, Electrolyte Systems
Robert Kostecki, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Local Interfacial Phenomena in Lithium-Ion BatteriesCatalysis and Corrosion of Bimetallic Nanoparticle Catalysts
Kang (Conrad) Xu, Army Research Laboratory
Electrolytes and Interfaces in Li Ion Batteries
Andrea Russell, University of Southampton
Improving Cathode Catalysts: The Challenges of Catalyst Design and Characterization
Carol Korzeniewski, Texas Tech University
The Use of Single Crystal Electrodes in the Study of Small Molecule Oxidation Reactions Over Nanoparticle Catalyst
Dieter Kolb, University of Ulm
Metal Deposition for Electrocatalysis
Bryan Pivovar, National Renewable Energy Laboratory
The Effect of Processing and Operating Conditions on the Catalyst Electrolyte Interface
Sanjeev Mukerjee, Northeastern University
Fundamental Aspects of Electrocatalytic Pathways at the Interface with a Polymer Electrolyte
Donald R. Sadoway, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Electrode Electrolyte Interfaces at Two Extremes: Solid Metal Electrode/Solid Polymer Electrolyte and Liquid Metal Electrode/Molten Salt Electrolyte
Karl Sieradzki, Arizona State University
Electrochemical Stability of nm-Scale Pt and Pt Alloy Particles in Acidic Environments
Fred Wagner, General Motors Corp.
Research Needs in Oxygen Reduction Electrocatalysis for Automotive PEMFCs