Electrochemical Research Instrumentation Facility

Electrochemical Research Instrumentation Facility

The CEC maintains a unique user electrochemical research instrumentation facility, allowing researchers from the University of Texas and visitors access to instrumentation and expert help in electrochemical studies. In a single location, the facility makes available electrochemical instruments such as potentiostats, scanning electrochemical microscopes, and impedance analyzers as well as spectroscopic techniques for studying intermediates on electrode surfaces and device test equipment. The CEC facility complements extensive nearby facilities available at UT-Austin's Center for Nano & Molecular Science & Technology (CNM) and Texas Materials Institute (TMI).

The CEC facility is used by CEC research groups primarily, and is also available as a user facility for other Texas universities and colleges. A full-time facility manager maintains the facility and assists visitors.

Industrial Affiliate companies may obtain access to these facilites. In some cases CEC personnel may be able to do measurements for these companies and return data.

The facility is located in Welch Hall, room 2.404. 

To schedule time on any of the instruments, please contact:
Joy Chen, Facility Manager
(512) 471-6321



MBraun Glovebox

Glovebox Calendar

CHI 660D Electrochemistry Workstation

CHI 660D Calendar

CH Instruments 660D Electrochemistry Workstation
Autolab PGSTAT 128N Potentiostat/EIS

PGSTAT Calendar

Autolab Potentiostat/EIS
Scanning Electrochemical Microscopes


SECM 3 (WEL 2.430A) Calendar

scanning electrochemical microscope (SECM)
GC #1
Shimadzu 2014 Gas Chromatography FID

GC #1 Calendar

gas chromatograph FID
GC #2
Shimadzu 2014 Gas Chromatography Fuel Cell Analyzer

GC #2 Calendar

gas chromatograph fuel cell gas analyzer
Four-Point Probe

Four-Point Probe Calendar

four-point probe
Veeco NT9100 Optical Profiler

Profiler Calendar

Veeco NT9100 optical profiler
Simulation Workstation
(DigiElch, Comsol)

Workstation Calendar

electrochemical simulation workstation
Q-Sense QCM-D E1

QCM-D Calendar

Quartz Crystal Microbalance with Dissipation (QCM-D)
BT2000 Battery Cycler

Battery Cycler Calendar

battery cycler
Atomic Layer
Deposition (ALD)

ALD Calendar

Malvern NanoSight
Nanoparticle Tracking Analysis 
Malvern NanoSight    
Nanoparticle Tracking Analysis (NS500)       
Pulse Forge 1300    
Photonic Curing Tool (PF1300)
Epilog Zing 16       
Laser Engraving System (Laser Cutter)
Sutter Laser Puller           
Micropipette Puller  (P-2000)